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Ambitious Women Rize
Lisa Latimer

Welcome to Ambitious Women Rize

Be your most valuable asset in life and business.

About Me

After self-healing from over a decade of toxic relationships, I know what it takes to repair your foundation and rebuild yourself stronger than ever! After realizing that I couldn't help the number of women I wanted to 1 on 1,  I decided to launch a Coaching-Backed community for ambitious women (based on my Personal Growth Lifestyle Podcast and Coaching) because I believe that every woman deserves to become her most valuable asset in life and business. Financial freedom, love, connection, & fulfillment all start within you.

My goal in this first year of our Ambitious Women Rize Community is to help over 200 women silence their fears, gain clarity, and move from stuck to unstoppable in life and business. 

Why You Should Join

What would you do if you silenced your fears & went for it?

In Ambitious Women Rize you're a valued part of our coaching-backed community where you'll learn how to:

Get off autopilot and be fully present in your life & business, making a real impact.

Break limiting belief systems & make the necessary paradigm shifts that lead to a growth mindset, so that your thoughts serve you rather than hold you back.

Gain the type of confidence that the right people notice from miles away and that allows you to take decisive action in life and business, (rather than wasting time second & third-guessing yourself).

In Ambitious Women Rize, you'll make connections with other women on the same journey. We're here to uplift, celebrate, and make the type of connections that are impossible through unsolicited, SPAMMY DM's.

Imagine what you'll achieve with a coaching-backed community of unapologetically ambitious women behind you!

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